A world to live, a life to see


MARK O’DAY was born out of our passion for the sea, long days in the sun and warm colours of the Mediterranean beaches. The culture and passion for the sea bring us together. Summer salt, never ending days, ocean breeze and vibrant colours ignite our spirit. Making memories in the best company and leaving everything else behind.


We unite the best elements in our sunglasses which allow us to view life through the best designs and quality.

The fusion between cellulose acetate, polarised lenses of maximum protection, and the process of manual buffing provide a sunglasses collection that are unique and offer quality, protection and durability.


MARK O’DAY is a story of freedom, joy and youth; a brand with spirit, for people who embrace life to its fullest.

Demonstrating character and personality, being different and standing out as a natural way of living.

We aspire to build a community of style savvy people who’s free spirit inspires others to reach for their dreams. We are the synonym of the Mediterranean lifestyle and we come with you in your adventures across Italian cities, Greek beaches or wherever you choose to take us.

We know that our customers are savvy style enthusiasts, that’s why we offer a range of designs ranging from classic looks to more futuristic, trendy shapes & colours, to satisfy every taste.