Every commitment begins with a look.

At first sight, Mark O’day seems just an eyewear brand.

However, when you put our glasses on, they reveal a reality: we are a generation that seeks to change the way we consume.


Mark O’day was born from a commitment and is determined to keep it.


We grew up looking at the Mediterranean sea. Our family heritage taught us that the right way to work is with a high quality. This heritage led us to create Mark O’Day in 2017, to start doing things inspired by how they were done in the past.


An evolution that returns to the origin. Revolutionary, right?


Our commitment is based on honesty and does not look away during any part of the process. So that you, and the sea, feel good.


This is our commitment and we want our products to be worn by people who share this same values, this same way of seeing life.



More than just glasses; A way of seeing life.

A way to sea life.

We are committed to you and the planet.

We are the generation of inconsistency. We want to dress with style, but also be sustainable. We want to change things, without changing our lives.


And that’s OK. We simply believe that your life has to be easier: we want you to be able to dress however you want, but also according to your beliefs.


If the Mediterranean is our cradle, honesty is our base. In our first collections, we started using 70% environmentally friendly materials, but we wanted to go further.


So our new collection is made from 100% biodegradable plant-based acetate. This means that we do not generate pollution from used plastic or the generation of new plastics.


But we said that we wanted to change things. We are going to do more.


For this reason, our commitment leads us to truly leave our mark: for each pair of sunglasses we sell, we recover 3 kg of plastic from the sea, promoting actions to recover plastics from the Mediterranean and thus giving back everything it has given us.